A simple task manager app

A free and simple task manager app that helps you create simple routines and tasks for your day.

Offline mode

Our desktop app takes advantage of modern browsers features to make sure you keep productive even when not connected to the internet.

Plugins soon

Customizable plugins to make Taskr even more powerful. We have a dedicated store with many plugins to integrate with Taskr.

Easy steps

Taskr use 3 simple steps “backlog”, “today” and “done”. These 3 simple steps were designed to keep the app simple and ease to use. You don’t have to worry about building a workflow.


Synchronize all your tasks on Taskr servers, fast and secure. Keep track with your tasks across all your devices.

Theming beta

Taskr is a simple app with a beautiful user interface. With theming you can customize Taskr the way you feel more confortable and productive.

iOS App soon

Taskr's mobile application makes it easier for you to easily access your tasks wherever you are, whenever you need it.


Choose your subscription plan.

Offline mode
Free$15/year $1.25/month

* PRO version $15/year ($1.25/month) or $1.99/month

* 14 days trial on PRO version